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We are property developers in Australia who bring people together by enhancing individual living.

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Equire is committed to providing stable, convenient housing that caters to the needs of all types of families. We care deeply about our work, and our ultimate priority is enhancing the lives of our residents and partners. We look at what the market needs right now, our eye fixed firmly on current trends and paying equal attention to evolving demands. We engage all voices and combine industry knowledge from a wide array of specialists and experts, to create the best solutions possible.

We develop properties across Queensland, Victoria, and Western Australia. Our homes are located in major cities, such as Perth, Brisbane, and Melbourne, and the surrounding areas. To provide added convenience for our residents, we have located them strategically near a host of amenities, shopping centres and educational facilities.

Equire is the property development division of the OpenCorp Group of Companies, which was founded in 2006. In 2017, Equire launched as a stand-alone brand, specialising in residential property development in Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia. With a vision to build brighter futures for our customers, partners and investors, we deliver solutions based on what the market needs now and into the future. View our diverse range of properties, including apartments, townhouses and land developments throughout the greater regions of Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.
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