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Cross Laminated Timber: sustainable building at its finest

At Equire we are committed to pioneering new ways of developing residential properties.  Innovative building methods and construction materials are constantly coming to market. Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) is one that we believe could make a real difference. There is particular potential for mid-rise residential developments, with residents and wider communities benefiting from environmental and sustainable advantages. We’re excited to be using this innovative material in a number of our projects and hope other industry peers follow suit.

Developers, consultants and engineers have all embraced the modern method of construction, as there are many benefits to CLT that have been recognised globally. One major advantage is the fact that offsite construction can be used, streamlining the building process and reducing the construction timeframe. Less work is done on site, compared with other construction techniques, resulting in less disruption to the surrounding community during the building phase. The method is simple and work onsite is fast; the panels are weatherproof, and they arrive on site ready to be installed. Less traffic is required to deliver materials and there is less noise and less dust – in general the entire construction phase runs more smoothly and with less impact on the surrounding environment.

Not only does CLT save time but also money; construction of the building(s) are quicker and there are fewer labour and material costs involved. The lighter structures mean less foundations and footings are required, so the overall design is more economic, using less concrete. The lighter weight also means that more apartments can be built in the same surface area.

There are a host of benefits for the environment. Timber actually stores CO2, removing it from the atmosphere and releasing oxygen and the carbon is effectively “locked in” and remains in the manufactured timber until it decomposes or is burnt. Exposure to wood in our constructed environment positively impacts our health – it is thought that by providing a connection to nature, both physical and mental wellbeing are supported.

With most Australians leading increasingly indoor lives with limited opportunities to connect with nature, residential projects using timber are no doubt a step in the right direction. CLT is changing the face of living across the world, and we’re excited to see how we can utilise the material and make positive changes to Equire developments and our surrounding communities.