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5 minutes with... Tiel Lillehagen Equire General Manager

For this month’s Spotlight, we sat down with Tiel Lillehagen, General Manager at Equire, to find out more about his journey and where he sees the industry going…


When and where did you start your property career?

Following an undergraduate degree in Surveying, I began working for a surveying and town planning consultancy in Brisbane. This gave me a good understanding of the front end of property development; I learnt about a wide range of property sectors over a number of years in the role. 

I decided to revisit education and after a Postgraduate degree in Property Economics, I entered the world of developing. Although I was doing interesting work before, I was fascinated by the development lifecycle and wanted to be involved at every stage of the process.

The Equire team has grown rapidly and is continuing to do so. My role has grown with the business; I joined as a Senior Development Manager four years ago and now, as General Manager, oversee the entire team and all projects.


What are you most passionate about professionally? 

Integrity.  In today’s world and our fast-paced society, it is so important. For me personally, working with like-minded people to achieve collective goals is what gets me up in the morning.


What’s your biggest accomplishment? 

My two kids. I value my time with them and work hard to achieve that elusive work-life balance!


What market shifts have you noticed over your career?

The property market is cyclical, so it’s always changing. Recently we’ve noticed the acquisition of greenfield land in Victoria has been challenging. This increased competition is due to the strength of the market and interest from a wide range of developers. We’re passionate about acquiring the best land for our developments so work hard on finding the right fit.

Apartment market sales are subject to external influences - statutory changes and investment sentiment included. This means we have to take a long-term view with our developments and work around challenges that are out of our control. Our ability to do this is key to our success and a rewarding aspect of my role. 

As a developer, having a diverse portfolio is key to sustainability. We are selective in the land we acquire across Australia and as a result are well placed for projects not only in Victoria, but also in Brisbane. Having staff with varied experience is also key – my national experience is beneficial to the team as it provides a broader perspective, and we have a number of talented specialists each with different strengths that contribute to the Equire team. This allows us to be nimble and adaptable to benefit from changing markets.


 What do you predict for the future of the development industry?

There is no doubt we will see great change. As technology advances and our world continues to move at an increasingly fast pace, the property industry will shift. All industries experience change and ours is no different. To be successful as a developer, we need to continually adapt to market needs and broader landscape changes to continue to provide the best services to our clients.